Rajpreet Bawa

Rajpreet Bawa


Rajpreet has spent numerous years embedded in commercial property law, and handles matters such as drafting leases, assignments, licences and sale contracts and other agreements including rent deposits. She can also assist with Business Rates Relief claims. Familiar with working with major lenders and private bridging loan companies, she also has experience with auction property, working to tight deadlines. Rajpreet has experience in acting for a variety of clients, including individual entrepreneurs and large corporations. Indeed, throughout her career she has worked with different business types, and helped with a vast number of issues such as forfeitures, forming companies and insolvencies. Rajpreet’s firsthand experience as a commercial business owner provides her with a dual perspective that enhances her approach, enabling her to secure the most favourable outcomes for her clients. Rajpreet’s expertise also extends to residential conveyancing, particularly with mixed-use properties.

Rajpreet takes great pride in using her dual expertise as both a solicitor and a commercial business owner to meet the needs of landlords and tenants. She is able to anticipate potential challenges for her clients. Rajpreet is particularly drawn to mixed-use property transactions, where she can apply her understanding of both commercial and residential sectors. To her, there’s genuine reward in piecing together the puzzle of a client’s needs and making a plan come to fruition that benefits all parties involved.

When not deep in legal documents, Rajpreet is often lost in the pages of a good book. Reading fiction not only offers an escape, it enhances her creativity, developing her perspective as a solicitor.

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