David Mead

David Mead

Chartered Legal Executive

A Fellow of CILEX (Chartered Institute of Legal Executives) since 2009, David has been engaged in Private Client work for 22 years.

David is acutely aware that, when clients come to see him, it is often at a vulnerable time in their lives, for example suffering a bereavement, or a family member (or even themselves) suffering a terminal illness or lack of mental capacity. He takes great satisfaction in being able to help people in such circumstances. Moreover, in his experience it is not uncommon for clients arrive at appointments with apprehension and misguided perceptions of how the law works. Therefore, he takes pride in allaying fears and advising them on next steps to take.

He spends his personal time developing his skills in Escrima (the national martial art of the Philippines), and recording the endeavours and successes of Essex’s only Gaelic football team, as their cameraman.

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