Notary Public

Our experienced notary public will arrange a convenient appointment to meet with you and authenticate your documentation. We cover a variety of documents including powers of attorney, identification, land transfer deeds and court procedural paperwork for jurisdictions globally.

The appointment usually lasts no more than half an hour and can take place at our head office in Buckhurst Hill, at your home / place of business or across London at our other office hubs.

We Work Hard


This is the process by which the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) confirm your notary public’s authority and affix an additional seal to your documents. We can arrange this for you at a speed to suit your urgency and budget.

Some jurisdictions require presentation of your documents at their embassy or high commission. In these instances we can arrange to produce your documents by appointment and have them legalised for your use in your desired jurisdiction. 

The speed and cost of this process varies by country but we will work to ascertain this information as soon as possible on request.